About us


Being a lifelong fisherman and making my own homemade crappie jigs most of my life I decided after retirement that I would offer them to the public. I think you will find my jigs to be proven fish catchers at a reasonable price. I live on Grand Lake St. Mary's here in ohio and test every pattern I sell everyday!!!! I hand tie every jig and hand pour & paint every head myself. Yes made in the USA !!! By myself. I take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of my jigs. If you can keep them out of the brush you can catch fish for a month on one !!!! Give one a try and see for yourself. They work as well as any and at a much cheaper price.


From premium hand tied jigs to custom poured in house lead jig heads we have most all of your crappie and panfish tackle in one place. From soft water to ice we do it all. Now offering plastics to make this a 1 stop shop.